Mar 11, 2014

Venezuelan Community Pie del Tiro confronts Protesters, Barricades.

This material has reached us from a friend here in Mérida who was present with his camera at the incidents in Pie del Tiro.


In February 2014, a wave of street protests, started off by groups of students and by the Venezuelan opposition, besieged the Andean city of Mérida.

Calling for the dismissal of President Nicolás Maduro, the protesters set up barricades in the main avenues of the city.

The rights of the residents to free transit was violated. Work got paralyzed and access to medical attention in cases of emergency got severely restricted. 

After a months of enduring  the barricades, various communities decided to retake their streets. 

In the night of the 8th of March, two members of Pie del Tiro community got injured by shots that came from the protesters.

Griselda Figueroa got a bullet in her face and died the day after.

Nobody has been arrested for these crimes.

The community remains in resistance and demands justice.