Mar 11, 2014

Communists of Mérida against fascist barricades uprising

We hereby publish and support the following call of the Venezuelan Communist Party and the communists of Mérida, which we have translated from Spanish.


Venezuelan Communist Party

Communists of Mérida against fascist barricades uprising

Our city presently experiences an exceptional situation never before seen. Fascist gangs pretend to lay siege to the town in an effort to weaken and finally overthrow the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, rightfully elected by the people less than a year ago.  

Barricades have been set up in streets and avenues near those neighborhoods where the upper middle class lives. The barricade rioters impede free transit, destroy public institutions, trash private stores, attack peaceful passers-by, shoot at police and officials of the National Guard, violate a whole series of laws of the Republic and enjoy the tacit support from the mayor of Mérida's Libertador municipality.

It is within these gangs that paramilitary personnel and snipers are operating, financed by drug trafficking and foreign sponsors and who serve as evidence for the interventionist policy of the forces of imperialism. We communists perceive the threat that is hovering over the Republic, its democratic institutions and the social gains which have been achieved during the government of Commander Hugo Chávez, and we understand that the current situation is being pushed forward by a fascist minority with an anti-democratic, anti-working class, anti-socialist agenda, exploiting and distorting the consciousness of the middle classes within the class struggle.

We also feel the close danger to the lives of the revolutionary militants and the working class. Thus our urgent call to all revolutionary organizations, without exclusion, to unite in one, antifascist front in order to defeat the criminal expressions of fascism at any moment and any place they appear. Furthermore, we call for the activation of the revolutionary forces within the communities and collectives. Our call is directed in the first place to the members of the Gran Polo Patriótico, but also reaches out to organizations of workers, students, peasants and other social forces. The Venezuela Communist Party opens its rows to each and everybody who is determined to fight against fascist insolence.

"Fascism, brought about by the general crisis of capitalism, is the terrorist, bloody dictatorship of the most reactionary, chauvinistic and aggressive forces, which speculate with the social discontent of the urban petty bourgeoisie and which use the latter to strengthen the position of monopoly capitalism." (Dictionary of Scientific Communism, 1975).


Mérida, March 2014.

Célula ‘Argelia Laya’ del PCV (0416-6740354). 
PCV Mérida- Comité Regional (0426-6772220).