Oct 6, 2012

News Bulletin Nr. 1621

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In this edition: Jorge Martin about the brazen disinformation campaign with regard to Venezuela's upcoming presidential elections, in: Lies, half truths and bias - the world’s media and the Venezuelan election; Mark Weisbrot's incisive insight into Why the US demonises Venezuela's Democracy; Bill Van Auken's critique of Chávez' shift to the right, in: Venezuela’s Chavez turns further right in face of election challenge, and Iguana TV's photo gallery documenting Thursday's campaign closing event, in: Chávez supporters fill seven avenues of Caracas.

Sep 29, 2012

News Bulletin Nr. 1620

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In this edition: George Ciccariello-Maher's tale of two elections, two Venezuelas, two leaks, two plans and two paths, in: The election that matters; Jody McIntyre's sketch of the Venezuelan opposition's presidential candidate in: Who is Henrique Capriles Radonski?; Alan Wood's powerful reasons Why the IMT supports Chávez in the upcoming Venezuelan elections; a statement of the Common Dreams Editorial Staff with regard to the real enemies of American society in: US Designates Wikileaks "Enemy of the State", Paul Craig Roberts' illustration of How the (US) Government's Lies become Truth'' and the real agendas behind the lies, and Justin Raimondo's take on cartoon bombs and war propaganda in: Bibi's Crazy UN speech

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